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“Union of Hunters and Anglers in Bulgaria”
Name of organization   NLRS-SRLB
Judicial Status Non-profit association
Stare            Republic of Bulgaria
Address         Sofia City, 31-33 Vitosha Blvd.
Postal Code            1040
Name of the official representative
of the organization     
        Ivan Petkov
Position of the official representative
of the organization 
     Chairman of the Managing Board
Telephones            +359 2 93 21 999; +359 2 93 21 971
Fax                            +359 2 987 76 60
?-mail:                        office@slrb.org
Website                        www.slrb.org    

The “Union of Hunters and Anglers In Bulgaria” National Association of Hunters and Anglers is the oldest and most important non-governmental nature-protective organization in Bulgaria. It was founded in 1898. It has developed and grown during the years and nowadays it unites more than 115 000 members in 148 associations, independently on their age, gender and religion.
This national organization is co-founder and full member of the International Hunting and Game-Protection Council (CIC) since 1931, it is also member of the Federation of Associations for Hunting and Conservation of the EU (FACE) since 2000, of the International Confederation of Fishing Sports (CIPS) and of the International Federation of Fishing Sports (FIPS).
It is a non-profit organization registered for public benefit. It is represented by the Chairman of the Managing Board.
The Managing Board consists of 23 members, representatives of 23 scientific and educational institutions, ministries, financial and non-governmental organizations, the judiciary system of the Republic of Bulgaria.  
NLRS-SRLB holds it own central office in the downtown of Sofia with total area of 6 368 square meters with a museum collection within its territory.  Its dioramas acquaint its visitors with the characteristic habitats of the most popular species of birds, mammals and fishes in Bulgaria. Red deers, wild goats, bears, grouses, mouflons, fallow deer, roe deer, and fishes in the three river zones can be seen there. There are world and national records among the hunt trophies exposed in the museum.
Hunter’s Home has a library where over 15 000 volumes of specialized literature and fiction collected during more than 100-year life of the library are kept there. The themes of the main library fund comprise everything related to hunting and fishing in Bulgaria an worldwide.
The building of NLRS-SRLB has conference and training halls, duly equipped.

1.    Restoration and enrichment of biodiversity: the Union breeds and spreads over 170 000 birds and more than 3 000 000 fishes every year. Now, it is developing a program of artificial breeding of mammals to enrich nature.  
2.    Monitoring of the condition of local species of wild mammals and birds is held every year, and the respective data are used as an official statistics by state authorities and institutions regarding natural resources management.
3.    Preservation and management of natural resources: the Union has 136 employees appointed and provided with protection equipment, directly committed with this activity, and 217 specialists in natural resources;
4.    Study of the conditions of populations: dynamics and factors having influence on their development;
5.    Participation in national and international ferries, expositions and seminars related to nature and tourism, design and arrangement of stalls and exposition areas;
6.    Preparation of exhibits and elaboration of museum collections;
7.    Preparation, management and performance of programs and projects for the preservation and enrichment of biodiversity by own funds and external financing;
8.    Organization and financing of regional, national and international competitions in hunting shooting and fishing;
9.    Holding of courses of training involved in natural resources protection and use for 4900 persons averagely per year;
10.     Publishing activities: the Union has its own publishing house, “Nasluka” (“Good Look”) editing “Lov i Riboilov” (Hunting and Angling) monthly magazine and the weekly newspapers “Nasluka” and “Ribar” (Angler), specialized literature and fiction.  It also publishes and distributes free newsletters containing regulation documents and methodological guidelines related to the management and natural resources protection.
11.     Financing and preparation of “The Wild” weekly radio program by “Focus” national radio net.
12.     Maintenance of permanent  telephones for legal consulting in the field of management and use of natural resources and tourism;
13.     Collection and maintenance of updated statistical data related to natural resources in the Republic of Bulgaria, in order to submit these data for free to state authorities and institutions, as well as to NGOs.;
14.    Participation in the development of plans for the management of the population of wild animals subject to protection;
15.    Maintenance of relations and collaboration with international hunting and nature-protection organizations;
-    Preparation of suggestions concerning the revision and amendments of regulating documents involved in environmental protection and tourism;
-     Permanent monitoring of the conditions of wild mammals and birds;
-    Protection and management of natural resources;
-    Scientific developments and researches in the field of the protection and management of natural resources;
-    Artificial breeding and distribution of wild mammals, birds and fishes;
-    Organization of national and international expositions, sport tournaments and events, seminars and forums purposed to the protection and management of biodiversity and tourism;
-    Activities, related to the enhancement of society’s ecologic culture;
-    Publishing;
-    Training, related to the protection and use of natural resources;
-    Elaboration, management and fulfillment of programs and projects;
-    Consulting activities, purposed to the management of natural resources.

The “Union of Hunters and Anglers In Bulgaria” National Association of Hunters and Anglers is an open structure for cooperation with everyone who wants to do more for future generations and living nature.  

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